Diljot Singh Garcha

Hello there! 👋

I'm Diljot, a Software Developer

Passionate software developer recently graduated in May 2021. Computer Science Alumni from the University of Manitoba.

D2L Logo


January 2021 to Present

D2L is a Canadian company specializing in E-Learning, creators of the Brightspace Learning Management System.

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Winter 2019

Invenia is a Software Company focused on optimizing the world’s electrical grids to reduce the earth's carbon emissions.


University of Manitoba

Summer 2018 / Summer 2017

The Human-Robot Interaction Lab studies the social aspects of interaction between humans and robots by applying CS to conduct psychology-style experiments.


Led the Back-end Development Team

Throne is a web and mobile app that allows users to find washrooms in buildings near them. Throne enables users to submit reviews and add information on the washrooms they visit.

MCU Countdown API

Simple web API powered by Flask and TMDb

A simple API built-in Python. Showcases the power and simplicity of AWS Lambda combined with GitHub Actions for re-deploying a serverless application easily.
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Web Server Flair

A web server written from scratch in Python

A multi-threaded web server built from the ground-up that supports GET and POST requests as well as execution of .cgi scripts on the server-side. Designed to showcase the "guts" of the HTTP protocol.